Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ex2:->Confirm Box

Provides a choice whether or not an action is to be performed or not.
A confirmation box will pop up and will allow the visitor to press on “OK” or “Cancel” button.
The basic command is
Confirm(“the question is ok…”);
The conform() method returns a Boolean value
True – if ok is pressed
False – if cancel is pressed
The return value can be used in decision logic.
Here goto_page is a function,its a block of code which can be executed.
It can be called using an event like click a button and from a call with in your script or from another function.
Functions can be placed either in the section or in the section of a document.
Window.location -> window is the name of the object and location is its property.
Locaiton property specifies which URL is specified in the window.
If URL is modified the page displayed changes.


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