Tuesday, 22 December 2015

HBase introduction


¨      HBase is a database: the Hadoop database.Its a column oriented data store.
¨      Initially modeled after google’s big table.
¨      It is distributed and a large scale data store. It  is designed to run on a cluster of computers instead of a single computer. The cluster can be built using commodity hardware.
¨      It supports random read and write i.e,you can write data as you like and read it back again as you need it.
¨      Its elastic in nature i.e. it can be scaled horizontally by adding more machines to the cluster. Each node in the cluster provides a bit of storage, a bit of cache, and a bit of computation as well. This makes HBase incredibly flexible and forgiving.
¨      It is built on top of HDFS.
¨      HBase stores structured and semi structured data naturally so you can load it with tweets and parsed log files and a catalog of all your products right along with their customer reviews.
¨      It can store unstructured data too, as long as it’s not too large.
¨      HBase isn’t a relational database like the ones to which you’re likely accustomed.It doesn’t speak SQL or enforce relationships within your data.

HBASE Usage:
¨      Used for random write and random read
¨      When the data to be handled is large
¨      It is good for variable schema


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