Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Javascript Introduction

-> Javascript is an object oriented scripting language that is designed primarily for people
who are building web pages using HTML.
It allows interaction with the properties of objects that it recognizes.
Some of the objects which it can recognize is internal build in objects like
window object,browser objects like document object.
-> It can be embedded with in HTML documents in source code form.
-> It is platform independent
When a document is downloaded in to a browser ,the document is downloaded along with javascript source code,
which is interpreted by the javascript interpreter in browser.This makes javascript platform independent.
-> Javascript programs can be run on both client and server side.But mostly it will run in client side.
Client side ,it is run by the browser after downloading the HTML document.
On server side,it requires Netscape Livewire environment.
-> Functionalities of javascript:
1.Decision making
2.submitting forms
3.performing complex mathematical calculations
4.data entry validation etc


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