Thursday, 17 December 2015


"Object is an instance of a class."
Object performs a set of related activities ,the set of activities defines the objects behavior.
The following describes the technical characteristics of a software object.
- The object has a physical structure.
- The moment the object is created, instead of occupying a space in the world, it occupies a space in the memory.
- The amount of memory allocated depends on the data structure and the data types used.
- The state of the object at a particular instance is defined by certain values which are stored in the structure.
- Every object has a unique identifier.
- The object exhibits the structure and behaviour defined by the class.
- From the point of instantiation, if anyone would like to interact with the object, the prerequisite is the calling entity should
know the address of the memory location allocated to the object.
- Once the address is known, the calling entity can safely interact with the object.


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