Thursday, 17 December 2015

Architecture Vs Design

Architecture is the allocation of system requirements to system elements.
It can introduce non-functional requirements like language or patterns.
It defines the interaction between components, interfaces, timing, etc.
It shall not introduce new functionality,
It allocates the (designed) functions that the system is intended to perform to elements.
Architecture is an essential engineering step when a complexity of the system is subdevided.
Example: Think about your house, you don't need an architect for your kitchen (only one element involved) but the complete building needs some interaction definitions, like doors, and a roof.
Design is a informative representation of the (proposed) implementation of the function. It is intended to get feedback on, to discuss with stakeholders. It might be good practice but is not an essential engineering step.
It would be nice to see the kitchen design see before the kitchen is installed but it is not essential for the cooking requirement:
If I think about it you can state:
architecture is for a public/engineers on a more detailed abstraction level
design is intended for public on a less detailed abstraction level


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